Dashan 1

first apearance: eve stealth friends: team wang hu chong, team chop fu. enemies: team gan gan galaxy, team fireburst, team excalibur.

Dashan is very strong.
series 1
Stoica 19 Win
Stoica 23 Lose
Chi Yun Li 26 Win
Gingko 29 Win
Gingko 33 Lose
Zeo 34 Win
Mei Mei 36 Win
Chao Xin 39 Win
Chi Yun Li 41 Win
series 2
Gingko tag w Mei Mei 12 Lose
Gingko 17 Win
Damian 20 Lose
Chao Xin 22 Win
Tsubasa tag w Chao Xin 23 Win
Rago 24 Win

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