Ryuga 2

Friends: Stoica Riolu Kenta Enemies Gingka Dan


Ryuga is like Stoica one of the 3 main characters. and they both are pierce a lot.

series 1
Benkei an 1000000 Face Hunters 2 Win
Kyoya 3 Win
Zeo 5 Lose
Kenta 6 Win
Hikaru 9 Win
Kyoya 10 Win
Tsubasa 14 Win
Zeo tag w Stoca and Riolu 17 Win
Ryuto tag w Ryutaro and Lena Isis 19 Win
Ryutaro 21 Lose ( on accident )
Ryutaro 22 Win
Teru 22 Win
Reji 29 Win
Yu 51 Win
Dan and Gingka tag w Stoica and Riolu 53 Win
series 2
Gill 1 Win
Stoica 3 Win
Stoica 3 Lose
Volt 9 No Outcome
Dan 14 Win
Volt 17 Lose
Rago 22 Win
Renderstance Bladers 25 Win

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