Gender: Male Age: N/A Voiced by: N/A Friends: Ryuga Riolu Kenta Enemies: Gingka Dan First appearance: An all new world

Stoica is one of the 3 main characters

right now he has 22 wins and 8 loses.


  • Stoica is a great one in health or power.
  • Stoica met Ryuga and Riolu after Tsubasa.


Stoica is one of the strongest battlers.

series 1
Tsubasa 1 Win
Jack 2 Win
Doji 4 Win
Dan 6 Lose
Shun 7 Win
Damian 11 Win
Gingka 13 Lose
Lena Isis 14 Lose ( On Accident )
Zeo tag w Ryuga and Riolu 17 Win
Yu 17 Lose
Dashan 19 Lose
Jack 21 Win
Dashan 23 Win
Battle Royal 26 Lose 3rd Place
Pheonox 27 Lose
Teru 33 Win
Pheonox 39 Win
Ryutaro 44 Win
Dan and Gingka Tag w Ryuga and Riolu 53 Win
series 2
Gill 1 Win
Masamune 2 Win 9x
Masamune 2 Lose
Yu 2 Win
Ryuga 3 Lose
Ryuga 3 Win
Chi Yun Li and Mei Mei tag w Masamune 5 Win
Volt 7 Lose
Julian and Rago tag w Ian 11 Win
Ian 12 Lose
Rago 15 Win
Ian 16 No Outcome
Tournament round 1 tag w Ian 19 Win
Tournament round 2 tag w Ian 23 Win

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