Yu meets Rago in episode 46. he challenges Rago and loses. but he easily defeated Ash Nile and Stoica. he
Yu 1

first apearance: Libra!!! friends: Tsubasa enemies: Rago

rematched Rago and won.
series 1
Stoica 17 Win
Zeo 18 Win
Reji 21 Win
Lena Isis 23 No Outcome
Nile 24 Win
Gingka 26 Lose
Tsubasa 31 Win
Riolu 34 No Outcome
Ash 37 Win
Lena Isis 40 Lose
Rago 46 Lose
Rago 47 Win
Ryuga 51 Lose
series 2
Stoica 2 Lose
Lena Isis 4 Lose

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